Say Their Names
Names of some of the African Americans that have been murdered by law enforcement in America in the last few years.

Above is a list of African Americans who have been murdered in the United States at the hands of law enforcement. As you read this list I want you to consider the following:

  • Today is June 23, 2020. At least 6 more unarmed African Americans have been murdered in the United States since this picture was uploaded on May 31st.
  • These are only the names we know about. There could be hundreds more.
  • This list only includes names from the last 5-10 years of people who died while in police custody or during an interaction with law enforcement.
  • It does not include the thousands of lynchings, bombings, or cover-ups that everyone knows have happened but of which no one has the details.

Do you still wonder why African Americans are so furious?

Black Lives Matter

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